Discover Valemount is a tourism TV series showcasing all the awesome things to do and see in Valemount, BC, Canada and the area.

The series is co-produced by Jennifer Robinson, Marketing Coordinator for Tourism Valemount, and Michael Peters, Station Manager for VCTV (Valemount Community TV).

Episode 12: Family-Friendly Winter Activities
Episode 11: Jeep Tour & Ranch Night
Episode 10: Heli-Touring & Heli-Hiking

DV Host Jennifer Robinson takes you on some awesome and affordable family-friendly winter activities you can do in Valemount and the area, including: cross country skiing, tobogganing and snowshoeing at Camp Creek, and snowshoeing to the beautiful Rearguard Falls.

DV Host Jennifer Robinson takes you on an amazing Jeep Tour adventure to a sky-high viewpoint overlooking Valemount, and to a fun Ranch Night at a working mountain horse ranch – both located right in Valemount!

DV Host Jennifer Robinson takes to the air to take you on two amazing helicopter hiking and sightseeing adventures to the spectacular Berg Lake at Mount Robson, the Canadian Rockies’ highest peak, and to the top of Mount Terry Fox.

Episode 9: Mountain Snowmobiling
Episode 8: Valemount & Area Events
Episode 7: Exploring Jasper Nat'l Park from Valemount

DV Host Jennifer Robinson joins guest co-host, Curtis Pawliuk, Manager of VARDA, to explore the Clemina Creek Sled Area and discuss the many other awesome mountain snowmobiling areas Valemount has to offer.

DV Host Jennifer Robinson explores the many annual events Valemount and area have to offer: fairs, rodeos, mud drag racing, music, and so much more.

DV Host Jennifer Robinson uses Valemount as a nearby base from which to explore two exciting attractions in Jasper National Park: the Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure, and the Glacier Skywalk Adventure.

Episode 6 - Valemount & Area Salmon Run
Episode 5: Cross Country Skiing & Ski Touring
Episode 4: Mountain Horseback Riding

DV Host Jennifer Robinson checks out Valemount and area’s annual salmon runs on the Fraser River and Swift Creek with special guest host, Bruce Wilkinson, Senior Interpreter of Adventure Management Ltd.

DV Host Jennifer Robinson takes to the snow to explore Valemount’s cross country skiing and beginner ski touring opportunities with guest hosts, Barb Janzen and Patricia Thoni of the Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association.

DV Host Jennifer Robinson explores the mountains on horseback on a trail ride with Valemount’s SnowFarmers, and then takes a three-day mountain horsepack trip with Valemount’s Headwaters Outfitting.

Episode 3: The Spectacular Berg Lake Trail
Episode 2: Rafting The Might Fraser River
Episode 1: Exploring The Cranberry Marsh

DV Host Jennifer Robinson tackles the world famous, spectacular Berg Lake Trail at the foot of the Canadian Rockies’ highest mountain, Mount Robson. One of Canada’s greatest hikes!

DV Host Jennifer Robinson takes to the water on BC’s mighty Fraser River, with an exciting whitewater rafting ride with Mount Robson Whitewater, then a peaceful float trip with Stellar Descents Backcountry Adventures.

DV Host Jennifer Robinson is given a relaxing educational tour of the beautiful Cranberry Marsh (R. W. Starrat Wildlife Sanctuary) by Bruce Wilkinson, Senior Interpreter of Adventure Management Ltd.